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couronnement de saint louis How I left my job to travel the world

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How I left my job to travel the world

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rejoindre roissy depuis paris “’To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote,
To travel is to live.’” – Hans Christian Andersen

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voyage depuis bordeaux I always had a thirst for surfing adventures from a young age. Finding new waves meant hitting the Australian east coast to discover new places. But my passion for travel was first realised during one of my high school classes. I vividly remember sitting in the classroom with a good friend reminiscing over our surf and camp trips. This casual chat at school quickly escalated to the idea of travel overseas after we graduated. We could dream all day long of chasing the endless possibilities we would then encounter.

piano young chang u 121 Even though once graduating high school I decided to commence a university degree in Construction Management, immediately starting work with a firm constructing commercial projects. My good friend from school followed our dream and traveled all over the world. We stayed in contact and I envied every time I heard his stories, also seeing many other good friends follow suit.

registre matricule militaire I continued to slave over university assignments to build a career. Probably because I also took my parents advice onboard to knuckle down before traveling. Even more as they are keen nomads who once happened to lead quite the hippy-van life adventure all around Australia in their heyday. They moved around and at the same time raised myself and my older brother on the road before my younger brother came along. So it’s fair to say being a wanderer was always in my blood. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer. I could feel that my dream was only around the corner patiently awaiting.

mademoiselle zazie a trop d amoureux la video I completed my university degree and was doing well in my chosen career. I would always mention to my Manager about travel after I finished each project and he would say, “Come on Mitch, just one more job, it’s a cracking project I’ve got lined up for ya, then you can have some time off”. I think I heard this for 3 or more projects and with more responsibility lead to more money and I found it hard to resist. I was able to buy a house, renovate it, surf before and after work, go away camping on the weekends and enjoy good times with friends and family. I also had opportunity for short trips around Asia and Oceania. Life was pretty sweet but it didn’t satisfy my hunger of a one-way ticket journey.

sodium chloride savon March 2016, after another successful project with the firm I knew I now had enough experience and money saved up to begin a new adventure and write a new chapter. I booked my one way ticket from Sydney to Buenos Aires and scheduled a meeting with my manager the next day. My flight for South America was leaving the following month. I couldn’t be more stoked for sticking with it and waiting for the opportunity to travel. I was now 28 years young and ready to see the world.

marty patrice instagram What was the trigger? I don’t know. My gut, my destiny, just an all round feeling that the time was right I guess.

emote world of warcraft Do not put off traveling. If you feel it, just do it – book that ticket and go. Sounds simple, but yes, really, it is. All you need is that flight boarding pass and the rest will fall into place.

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